Pars Cove restaurant has been a mainstay at 435 West Diversity Parkway since 1985, when it branched from its original location on the Northwest Side. It was perhaps the first Persia restaurant in Chicago, and it focused on fish, hence the last part of the restaurant’s name. The first part of name came from the owner, Max Pars, an Iranian who was studying economics in Chicago when he fell into restaurant business.


Chicago Bull Steve Kerr and his wife, Magrot, pose with Max Pars (center) after a meal at Pars Cove during the 1990s championship years. Kerr, whose father was assassinated while president of the American University of Beirut, grew up in the Middle East. (Courtesy of Pars Cove.)


No matter how good the food is, if it is not affordable, it is worthless.

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